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The Haunt Spot Editorial 10/12/2017- Need for Change

The haunt industry needs a desperate wake-up call, a blunt kick in the face to really inject new interest. As we travel to so many haunts, despite what we are told, lines and crowds seem to be down at places which would have once had endless numbers of guests fight to get into their show. ...

Haunters: The Art of the Scare Pre-Release Review!

Haunters: The Art of The Scare Review- Landmark Movie in Haunt Industry Entertainment!

Welcome to a New Chapter

As we enter our fifth haunt season, it is important sometimes to sit back and reflect on the long journey from a simple Facebook blog, to a professional content creator featured on national media outlets such as Dread Central and most recently Blumhouse Digital. Countless hours devoted to this industry, have allowed us to collect ...